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Automotive Low VOC Paint:

Southland Auto Body is a family owned and operated auto body repair business in San Diego with thirty-five years of experience is "GOING GREEN"

As the automotive industry is changing to cleaner burning more fuel-efficient vehicles it is also the responsibility of the automotive collision industry to meet and exceed cleaner air standards for the next generation of environmental safe products.

Southland Auto Body is committed to preserving the environment by using green products. Beginning in the summer of 2009, Southland Auto Body will be converting to a lower VOC
(volatile organic compounds) and refinishing system called Pro Spray. Pro Spray is an environmentally friendly refinishing system that reduces waste with less ozone depleting VOC's .

Pro Spray's low VOC refinishing system is the future of automotive refinishing products. The Pro Spray family is as committed to reducing the VOC's in our air quality as the automotive industry and are always evolving in newer and better products.
Southland Auto Body in National City California is dedicated to making National City and San Diego County a "GREEN" area.

: Preserve, Recycle, Protect and Conserve
for a cleaner friendlier environment for now and the future!

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